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The Face of Biohealth in the City of Mason: City of Mason Biohub

CM Sales - November 1, 2021

Mason BioHub Partners: Michele Blair, Jessica Johnson, Peeyush Shrivastava, Kavita Bhat, Don Wright, Tyler Vandivort, Sandra Gunselman, James Lin, John Dreyer

Mason’s BioHub is an infrastructure of partnerships for industry-leading companies with science forward innovations across genomics, cardiology, and mental health. This focused public-private partnership (P3) has born a hub of research and discovery. Mason’s role as early-adopters of technology of some of those featured here with the City’s Living Lab model has brought regional and global distinction to Mason. Scientific breakthroughs, patents, clinical trials, lab space, access to capital/venture funds, partners, and collaboration have grown exponentially. From P&G Health & Beauty HQ to Reliance Medical, the portfolio is diverse and extensive. Featured here are a few of the companies in the Mason BioHub – Genetesis’s CardioFluxTM – biomagnetic imaging; Myriad Neuroscience’s Genesight – mental health personalized medicine; Clarigent – AI/machine learning technology for mental health; Amplicore – injectable therapeutics for degenerative musculoskeletal disorders; Mobility Health – mobile diagnostic lab and comprehensive digital platform; AtriCure – innovates technologies for treating Afib and related conditions.

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